How Much Does a San Antonio DWI

When you are arrested for suspected driving under the influence in San Antonio, the best option you have is to hire a DUI attorney to represent you in your case. An attorney with many years of experience and knowledge in DUI cases will be in a position to help you have the charges dropped or have your fine or sentence reduced.

You should be aware that the service of a DUI lawyer comes with a certain price which you have to incur. It is therefore very important to ensure that you carry out a thorough search in order to find an attorney that meets your desired budget. However, even as you search for the most affordable DUI attorney for your case, you need to avoid some of the cheaper options because they may lack the preliquisite experience and qualifications to provide high enough quality legal services.

So how much does a DUI lawyer in San Antonio cost? This article will help you understand that question so that you can hire a highly qualified and reputable attorney.

Just like in any other business, all DUI lawyers do not charge the same fees for their services. There are those that charge a higher fee and others who charge more affordable fees. The difference in price is determined by several factors and you will need to take these into consideration in order to determine how much you may be required to pay. Here are the factors that will help estimate the cost of a suitable DUI lawyer.


When you are hiring a lawyer, it is always advisable to hire somebody in San Antonio instead of those located further away. A local DUI lawyer will usually charge you a lower fee compared to one from another area.

Complexity of the Case

This is another factor that will determine how much your attorney will charge you. The more complicated your case, the more fees you may be required to pay and vice versa. For instance, if you were just arrested driving under the influence and nothing else had happened as a result of this influence, then your case may be simple to handle. In such a case, it will be easier for the attorney to deal with proceedings, thus you will be charged less as a result. However, if you had caused an accident as a result of driving under influence or caused other problems, expect a higher fee from your attorney because of the extra complexity involved in dealing with the case.

Level of Experience of the Lawyer

If you hire a DUI lawyer with vast experience you will have to pay a higher fee because such a lawyer will definitely provide you with higher quality legal representation in your case. On the other hand, if you decide to work with a new attorney in the market, he or she may not be as expensive because they may be still be trying to get clients. However, it is usually better to pay a higher fee for an experienced DUI lawyer than cheap ones who may not have sufficient experience to represent you effectively.

Mode of Payment

The overall cost of your DUI lawyer will also be determined by the mode of payment i.e. if your attorney charges you a flat fee or hourly rate. In most cases, attorneys who charge on hourly rates end up being more expensive than those who charge a flat fee. This is because you will have to pay for phone calls, emails and any other contact you may have with the lawyer. However, regardless of the type of payment, you can expect to pay from anything from $3,000 all the way up to to $12,000 or even more in some cases. Note also, that this cost may depend on the state that you reside in.

Duration of Your Case

When you are entering into an agreement with a DUI lawyer, you may have to have a specific time when you will be working together. The duration of your case will determine how much the attorney will charge you. The longer your case takes the more you will be required to pay. This is why it is good to get full quotes from different DUI lawyers, so that you can compare the cost and select the one with the best deal.

By considering the above factors you will be able to get an idea how much your DUI attorney will cost.

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